General Introduction

of the Library


    As the information resources and service center of the university, Minjiang University Library was established in September 2002, consisting of three branch libraries, including that in the main campus located at the university town, the campus in Gongye Road (former Minjiang Vocational College), and the campus in Shoushan Road (former Fujian Music College), with a total building area of over 14,639.03 square meters and approximately 1668 reading seats.

    The library in the main campus, which covers an area of 11,800 square meters, is the turnkey project of the municipal government, famous as the first advanced library with a favorable building of garden style and ecotype in Fujian Province. Built in an ecologically valuable way, the library boasts of elegant and comfortable environment, keeping in harmony with surrounding landscapes. With its color and style fitting in with the whole campus, the overall design of the library makes people feel prudent and solemn, highlighting its cultural atmosphere and garden feature.

    Through years of construction and development, the library has gradually established a literature information resources security system featuring in rich content, reasonable structure, and diversified carriers, providing a collection of 3,047,400 volumes (containing a collection of more than 1,769,000 printing volumes and 1,278,400 e-books) and over 3824 kinds of periodicals (3535 kinds of Chinese periodicals and 289 kinds of foreign languages periodicals) as well as 72,000 bound volumes of newspapers and periodicals. There are over 900 network information points, around 160 computers, 76 TB of disk storage, 38 Chinese and foreign languages electronic databases and 54 trial e-resources as well as 10 self-constructed special databases.

    Following the service tenet of “reader oriented, characteristic management, initiative service, and utmost guarantee”, the library enables an integrated service pattern of collecting, lending, reading, retrieving, and consulting, extending its weekly service period to 90.75 hours in the frontline, offering daily web service for 24 hours with wireless network covered everywhere in the library. Apart from regular circulation service, the library also offers services including catalogue searching, disks downloading, new books notification, database searching, multimedia resources browsing, reference service, reading guidance, interlibrary loan service, mobile library and subject information navigation. With the implementation of subject librarian program, the library has connected itself with corresponding departments in the university, offering professional and personalized subject service. Apart from the innovation of freshmen education, the library emphasizes on enhancing reader information literacy by setting up the course of Information Retrieval and organizing lectures on the utilization of information resources.

    The library is equipped with 74 staffs, among whom 42 are regular staffs,with 10 winning senior professional titles, 23 intermediate professional titles, and 9 junior professional titles, including 1 doctors and 19 masters. In recent years, some professionals in various fields have been gradually introduced annually to set up a team of high quality library staffs with a sound professional structure. There are now 7 departments in the library, which include Administration Office, Resource Construction Department, Circulation & Promotion Department, Department of Periodicals and Newspapers, Reference Department, Department of Digital Technology, and Teaching & Training Department.

    In accordance with the requirements of the university, the library is currently intensifying its connotation construction and promoting service level, striving to grow as a subject-oriented, humanistic, digital, functional and intelligent library.