Admission to the library


1.  Readers should enter the library by showing their cards before the card reader.

2.  Readers are not allowed to bring their own books, periodicals and bags into the stack room.

3.  Readers are expected to be neatly dressed. Those who only ware shorts with bare back or bare feet are not allowed to enter the library.

4.  Readers should keep quiet in reading rooms. Loud speaking is forbidden

5.  Readers should keep the stack room clean. Please do not throw litter or spit on the floor.

6.  Readers should take care of the books and periodicals. Please do not mark, defile, tear, cut or lose them. Such behaviors will be punished.

7.  Users should take care of the library facilities. Compensation is needed for any damage.

8.  Readers should take the books and periodicals off the shelves in the reading room, and place them back after reading.